Technology’s Fashion Problem

Hype This!

Yes, fashion has a technology problem and a need to embrace tech, but what about Tech’s fashion problem? With the recent news of Apple luring yet another luxury fashion executive into its fold, it seems that technology is now trying to appropriate some of the economic stability that the luxury fashion industry has showcased – last year, Guardian reported that YSL, Bottega Veneta, LVMH, and other luxury brands reported strong growth despite the global recession that challenged the contemporary and mass markets.

But what does the hire of luxury fashion executives mean for a business like Apple? In a business that’s already founded on the idea of planned obsolescence approximately every few years, can we start expecting a new phone every season? Or perhaps the development of gadget closets, where we could store the Apple products and related accessories we only use (per fashion rules!) once a week at most (and our white Apple products, which cannot only be used after Labor Day)?

A blog can dream.

Photo credit: “Iphone! Iphone! Iphone! Creative Commons Reusable Image via Flickr”

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