Review: Teenage Wasteland @ Empire Drive-In

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Empire Drive-In Reviewed

Empire Drive-In

Teenage Wasteland: Double Feature
Programmed by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark
Over the Edge and Suburbia with RVIVR
Installing salvaged cars in a parking lot in Queens as a pop-up commemoration of classic Americana NOT PUNK -1
Having said installation also function as a critique of American materialism/consumerism and “planned obsolescence” PUNK +1
Innately reflecting the contradiction of pop culture nostalgia and commercialism SO PUNK +2
Charging a $10 parking fee in addition to the $15 event fee (+$1.37 Eventbrite fee) to participate in said event/discourse NOT PUNK -1
MEMO TO SELF: Take the subway next time NOT PUNK -1
Allowing movie-goers the ability to climb into and on top of various salvaged cars plugged into the central sound system PUNK +1
By extension, allowing movie-goers to hotbox said cars SO PUNK +1
First Feature – Over the Edge – The story of “disaffected kids [rioting] against teachers, parents, and the local cops with Cheap Trick and Van Halen playing in the background” PUNK +1
All of the kids in Over the Edge having the same 1970s Partridge Family haircut NOT PUNK -1
The production team of Over the Edge must have spent the entire budget on pyrotechnics, at the expense of everything else PUNK +1
Two other movie-goers attempting to climb into a partially-crushed sedan piled on top of a shabby yet recent-model sports utility vehicle PUNK +1
A nearby woman telling the two movie-goers to get out of the top car because it’s not allowed and her boss [the producer of the event] is close NOT PUNK -1
The lack of alcoholic beverages for sale at the installation NOT PUNK -1
The Porta Potties are surprisingly clean 0
Pop Punk band playing during intermission. As per usual New York concert culture, everyone stands in front of the stage but noone dances NOT PUNK -1
Overheard comment: “This reminds me of how ‘punk’ it was as a kid to listen to Good Charlotte.” NOT PUNK -1
Another movie-goer sitting far behind the band-observing crowd begins playing The Ramones over the volume of the live Pop Punk band PUNK +1
Second Feature – Suburbia – The story of “young punks [waging] war with nihilism and contempt to The Vandals and The Germs” PUNK +1
The Wikipedia article for Suburbia describes the movie as “the next Over the Edge” NOT PUNK -1
A lot of scenes in Surburbia revolve around various characters getting haircuts NOT PUNK -1
MEMO TO SELF: Hair is important to Punk culture 0
REVISION: The Over the Edge haircut homogeneity must be some sort of overarching commentary on the above SO PUNK +2
Empire Drive In is still open for two more (non-Punk themed) nights this Saturday 10/19 and Sunday 10/20
It’s worth it. Go.

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