Sportswear is the new formalwear

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Chaoyue Sportswear - China Fashion Week 2007, kris krüg via Flickr

Chaoyue Sportswear – China Fashion Week 2007, kris krüg via Flickr

Sportswear is the new formalwear. It started with the growing popularity and not to mention prices of athletic brands: Lululemon, Underarmour. Then, Athleta hosted a show at New York’s fashion week. Not long after, Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma’s All-star point guard (though he plays like a small forward and should give more looks to Kevin Durant), launched his sport-inspired clothing line at upscale retailer Barney’s. Recently, the door-bustingly popular H&M + Alexander Wang collaboration had a decidedly sporty bent including accessories like water bottles, yoga mats and goggles. Three events are a thing.

The trends have been converging for quite some time: escalating price points, snugger fitting active wear, the increasing use of high-tech, high-end materials. It was only a matter of time before someone wearing a $200 track suit saw herself in the mirror and thought: “I look goooood.” Expect to see more active wear elements incorporated in high fashion pieces: drawstrings, zippers, hoodies and more sports textiles like neoprene, nylon, and gore-tex.

Some see this new trend as an inversion of the high-end couture trickling down to the masses, but fashion has been elevating thew low-brow ever since the little black dress: denim, military, street style, norm-core, sneakers, the list goes on.

Will this new sport trend translate to a healthier lifestyle? After buying those studded metallic leather sneakers from Guiseppe Zanotti ($850), a 3 Pack striped socks from Isabel Marant ($195), and matching them with “Elson” sport trousers from Elizabeth and James ($325),  I can’t afford Equinox anymore, and, let’s be honest, no one at any other gym cares.

Also, a 3 pack?! Jeez Isabel Marant, who are you? Hanes?

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