Normcore to Corecore: Fashion’s Avant-Garde

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Is Normcore radical? Pushing the envelope of “core”


Normcore, Toddlercore, Red Carpet-Core…let’s just call it what it is “Irony-core.” Irony-core is characterized by garish, unflattering, absurdly-unstylish clothing coupled with the smug “I-know-something-you-don’t” attitude. Usually seen at festivals and scenester places, but occasionally makes its way to a high fashion show.  This trend has much more to explore, but to elevate the art form, the “cores” should reference more obscure, esoteric themes:

Deconstructionistcore: A reaction to the modernist ethos of logic and reason, this Elieen fisher puffer jacket and scarf, worn without the price tag, shows how we can never understand the piece without being knowing the context in which it was bought. This is a bold proclamation of the denial of an absolute truth.


Kalfacore: Dressing as a insect is too obvious (basic) for those in the know. This Thomas Pink blazer, popular with the finance crowd, references the absurdity of life and hints at the limits of sympathy.


Impressionistcore: These Tory Burch pay homage to mid-week brunching ladies of sidewalk cafes, the subject of many impressionist paintings. With these $300 flats and a Michael Kors bag, you can re-create these scenes of modern life. As an added self-referential twist, you can accessorize with an unframed Renoir print, freshly purchased at the Met Store.


Corecore: A place for basics, how more core can you be than Gap? But can everything be core? This takes the logic to the extreme: nothing but core – a center-less blob devoid of all meaning and constitution, yet somehow a part of us all.

We live in a turbulent times, full of conflict and change, and we need a fresh mode of thought to help us understand the world. Let these new fashion styles embody these emergent radical ideologies.

Photo credits:

Tory Burch Shankbone 2009 Vanity Fair/David Shankbone/ 2009/ Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license

Flowers in Her Hair/Flickr

Normcore/ Rosco Wm /2014/Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license




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