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Ninh Nguyen (second from right) at NYFW Spring 2013.

Ninh Nguyen (second from right) at NYFW Spring 2013.

Ninh Nguyen, creative director of Ninh Collection talks to Hyperficial about growing up in Paris, the worst Pho in the world, and how not to become a fashion victim.

Q: Did you always wanted to be a designer?

I have a bachelors in Biology (studied pre-med) and Psychology, so initially my intentions were to go to med school to become a psychiatrist.

Q: Where do you find your inspirations?

Everything and anyone can inspire me. From sitting at a coffee shop and watching people walk by, to going to the museum and being inspired by paintings and sculptures. When it comes to being creative, art, design, and music all have a way of communicating with one another.

Q: Are you from Paris? Do you miss it there? How was it different from NY?

I was born and raised in Paris, and grew up in France until the age of 9, when my family and I moved to the States. I definitely miss France and all its delicacies.

Q: “Life is a catwalk, everyday is a fashion show”- love this quote! What is your advice for everyday wear?

People should get inspired by the way fashionistas and celebrities dress, as well as look for inspiration in magazines and ad campaigns, but they shouldn’t idolize every piece of clothing that they see. To me, Fashion can be bought, Trends usually die as soon as the mass market imitates, but Style one must possess. Style is an innate quality that makes that person unique.

Q: Have you ever failed before and how did that changed you?

Failing is part of learning and without such experience, one would not understand the true meaning of being successful. I’ve failed many times, but it has never stopped me from getting back on my feet and giving my best.

Q: What’s the worst Pho you ever had?

Lol. I’ve lived in California and Texas, the two states with the most Vietnamese populations. Therefore, Vietnamese cuisine there was very authentic. New York City has such a small Vietnamese population, and no legit Viet restaurants. The worst pho’ I’ve ever had was in Times Square…

Q: What does fashion forward mean to you?

To me, Fashion Forward means being in-tuned with what’s trendy, being fashionable, and/or having one’s own style. If all three are achieved, one becomes a Fashion Victim.

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