MYTHOLOGIES: Thom Browne’s Fall 2014 Menswear

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Overheard: “When did Thom Browne get cool?”

That’s the wrong question. Perhaps a better one would be, When did Thom Browne dispense with his reservations and create the batshit crazy (only ever a compliment) Fall 2014 Menswear collection? describes the presentation as a juxtaposition between hunters and hunted; WWD frames the presentation as an oscillation between classic British and Japanese influences. Perhaps Thom Browne is referencing traditional Japanese Noh theater of transformation, which begins with a extravagantly dressed and massively-sculptural mystical shite character who signals his new identity with a change in costume into a much more realistic dress. Perhaps the meaning is mutable and culturally relative; perhaps the designer Thom Browne intends to be intentionally vague. Perhaps, in the spirit of Roland Barthes, we as the viewers are assigning the myth of interpretation and influence to Thom Browne’s “bizarre, yet fantastic” spectacle. Highlights of the collection below.






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