HypExperiment: How to Make Someone Unfamous: Day 1

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This is Day 1 of Hyperficial’s new social experiment: How to Make Someone Unfamous.

Target: James Franco

Let’s face it: James Franco is the Anne Hathaway of male celebrities. Young Ivy League grads hate him for the ease in which he’s gained his many degrees at their institutions (MFA Columbia, PhD English Yale, and even attended RISD – “the Ivy of art schools” – and NYU – “meh but still up there”). Artists, young wannabe artists, and hipsters/scenesters hate him for the ease in which he’s already gained gallery shows and press, published books and poetry, and knocked elbows with art/literature elite. There are about 6,080,000 results for the google search “I hate James Franco.” People hate him – but can we make him unfamous?

Let’s strip him of his renown, celebrity, stardom, popularity, prominence. Hence, the experiment begins.

Some potential concerns:

– Is it actually possible to make someone unfamous by engaging with his image and celebrity on a public forum? Will his celebrity only go up during this campaign? How can Hyperficial create a campaign without increasing the Target’s profile?

– How will this experiment affect the experiment designers? Will Hyperficial experience some sort of oblique Stockholm Syndrome, as we are held daily hostages to the Target’s activities and celebrity? Will being captive of the Target’s sayings and doings for a prolonged period of time reverse our currently negative disposition toward him?

– How will we measure the success of the experiment? Our digital era ensures he will continue to be documented, most prominently in online archives. We are also working directly against his PR team, which is probably given a BIG check to make sure he stays famous. In contrast, Hyperficial is doing this for free, out of the goodness of our spite.

Hyperficial welcomes your concerns and suggestions.

Stay tuned for Day 2: Getting To Know the Enemy


Photo Credit: Aphrodite-in-NYC, “Actor and Filmmaker James Franco at the “My Own Private River” Film Society Of Lincoln Center Screening & Q&A 2012″, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Image via Wikipedia Commons.

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