FFFFound: In search of the next style

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FFFFound, a hip photo archiving site, has become almost exclusively my source for, and my definition of, hipster art. Quirky, minimalist, often shot with a very expensive camera, the site is above all consistent in it curatorial style. Always interesting images to be found, refreshed by the minute, it seems.

Though the term hipster has less and less meaning these days (remember when someone who wore a fitted shirt was called hipster?), the style is distinct and unmistakable. Taken as a whole, FFFFound defines the canon of hipster style: images of industrial style lofts, posters in Helvetica, gifs, a fair amount of tasteful pornography. Will historians one day officially categorize this influential yet blasé movement? How will future artists ironically reference irony?

Only when the establishment defines a style can the new artists react against it. Yahoo bought Tumblr to be cool. AOL, go buy FFFFound; be hip. Then it can begin. I for one am excited about the soon to start post-hipsterdom movement.

all images courtesy FFFFound, mostly via tumblr





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