Fashion’s technology problem

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Fashion’s technology problem (is our problem)

Wearable technology is a thing. Since 2009, over half a billion dollars of investment have flowed into wearable tech start-ups, and the world eagerly awaits Apple’s iWatch. While the technology and benefits of wearables exist – track your vitals, charge your phone, whatever Google can do, it is unclear who will be wearing it. Google glass looks lame, fuelband/fitbit says “I pretend to workout.” Other designs like Studio Roosegaarde’s “Intimacy” dress have yet to find a mainstream audience. Am I the only one who wants my clothes to turn transparent?! Meanwhile fashion houses, who make things people actually want to wear, have so far shunned integrating technology into their designs. Fashion has an aversion to tech.

With all this investment and potential, why have fashion brands not embraced tech? Perhaps the result is too utilitarian. Answering questions like where is the nearest restaurant, how many calories I’ve burned, or what is on my calendar is so base. I mean, isn’t that what an assistant is for?

But seriously, if wearables are the future, and let’s face it they are:

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios

. We can’t let tech companies be in charge of design. Otherwise: this. Here’s an idea to get started:

T-shirts with screens that you can program to show whatever image is ironic at the moment, but synced via Bluetooth to nearby cellphones to ensure both you and your audience will get it. Because to some, that “Vote for Pedro” shirt is still funny. Also, the shirt has a clock in it. Dry clean only.

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