The Fashionable Subway Map

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A new fashionable subway map will debut early Spring Summer 2015

Fashionable Super Bowl Map

A fashion art and culture blog doesn’t get many opportunities to cover about sports, but, if you didn’t already know, New York will host this year’s Super Bowl – an 4 hour orgy of marketing, music, media, and a football (prounounced: FUT – ball) game. To help the estimated 400,000 out-of-town crowd, the MTA made a special, fashionable subway map.

The map essentially brings back the Massimo Vignelli 1970’s subway “diagram”, which was beloved by graphic designers, but ultimately proved too abstract for the commuter. The map was replaced by a more geographically accurate map (closely resembling the one used today), though Vignelli’s work lives on in the Weekender.

But, kudos to New York for taking a creative risk. A temporary event is the perfect opportunity to try something new – just like in fashion seasons. It all ties back to fashion.

The 1972 Fashionable Subway Map

The Atlantic Yards area still looks messed up

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