Fashion Island: République Chanel

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Fashion Island: Chanel Nation

The French fashion house, Chanel, staged their Cruise 2014-15 collection on a man-made island off Dubai (personally, I don’t see what the big deal is – Manhattan is an island after all).  After this recent show, coupled with their supermarket and museum, the designer has literally separated itself from its competitors. A declaration of sovereignty cannot be far behind. So far Chanel nation can produce clothes, art, food, land, and leaders wearing sunglasses.

First Chanel nation needs a capital. Let’s start with the city plan: Chanel Island will probably be one of those modern master-planned communities with a highly geometric city plan, think Brasilia, Garden City, Ordos but in Art Deco style. This type of plan, with its grand boulevards and plazas reinforces the power of the state – none of this Jane Jacobs/new urbanism nonsense.

The Dubai Island (Al M.Woszek Rap) measures about 1,600 ft x 800 ft – around the size of New York’s Ellis Island – which doesn’t leave much room for “Les Grands Boulevard”, but perhaps a petite Boulevard. Below a master plan: A main axis runs the length of the island linking the cultural center with the public garden. Tree-lined streets perfect for ground floor retail – definitely class ‘A’ space. The supermarket lies to the east.

Pre-leasing begins FW 2015

Fashion Island: Chanel Capital



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