Fake Bags and the Platonic Ideal

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Plato telling Aristotle what's up.

Plato telling Aristotle what’s up.

Fake Bags: Plato would approve

Though I would never buy much less carry fake bag more than twice a week, there are people who engage in such deceit. OK, It’s not a real Céline, I know. For me, $3,200 might be better spent on say, drugs. And it may be true that I am devaluing real bags and the designer’s creative work, but I am no different than you real bag lady with your money at Saks. Because what happens when you meet someone with that same Tie handbag in Navy blue felt?  How can you have a real bag when she also has a real bag? They cannot both be real in the sense that neither of them are truly “Céline-ness.”  These ladies do not recognize that they all have different bags – that are copies, if you will, only representing the ideal form (Platonic Ideal) of the Céline bag, just like my Chinatown bag. As Plato said, objects you see are not real, but literally mimic the real Forms.

Fake Bags and the Platonic Ideal:

Fake Bags and the Platonic Ideal

Maybe your bag is close to the real thing, maybe you got ripped-off

All bags are facsimiles of the ideal form in Phoebe’s head. Since we don’t know how close the final product came to her ideal, from a metaphysical perspective, our bags are not so different, no?

So proudly carry your fakey-von-fake bag, you bougie philosopher. You too, carry on the platonic ideal of Phoebe Philo. Anyway, your H&M dress said it all.

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