Disinterested Beauty: Fashion and Celebrity

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The Disinterested: Beauty, Fashion and Celebrity

Every season celebrities fill the front row of fashion shows: Bradley Cooper, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, etc.  Sometimes looking bored or clueless and having never known to be a student of fashion, why do they even attend? Is it to generate press coverage or add prestige? No, quite simply they are representing a part of Emmanuel Kant’s aesthetic philosophy: feeling goodness in a disinterested state. To accurately judge beauty and thus fashion, Kant writes in his “Critique of Aesthetic Judgment,” one cannot be an inherent fan of thing in question (sorry, style bloggers your opinion here doesn’t count). To truly critically judge beauty, one must feel a disinterested pleasure or feeling something pleasurable when not even looking for it.

Here are celebrities using their objective cognitive judgments:


A$AP at Alexander Wang



Ashlee Simpson at Christian Siriano



Willow Smith at Michael Kors

Of course all designers seek to claim Universal validity:


Only her opinion counts

Thank you complex.com for the photos



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