DAILY SHADE: fashion news recap: side-eye is the new It look

Hype This!

No one’s better than a fashion industry professional in throwing mad shade. Today’s top stories:


Fashionista says Mulberry isn’t cool anymore. (Fashionista)

E!Online calls out Justin Bieber for months of dressing stupidly. (E!Online) [Sidenote: More than 100k Americans are calling out Biebs for months of acting stupidly.] (Time)

Anna Wintour’s long history of hating on Kim Kardashian just got longer with an alleged fight with Kanye about not putting Kim on Vogue‘s cover. (RadarOnline)

Elle calls us out for being the plebes we are, offering a dose of culture with their “complete fashion pronunciation guide.” (Elle)

Ignorant, culturally-insensitive fashion blogger gets her spot blown up by Jezebel for staging fashion shoot inside Jewish mausoleum. (Jezebel)

My BFF Jennifer Lawrence may get a Fuck You to all the haters by signing a $20 million contract with Dior. (DailyMail) [Sidenote / Old News: Marc Jacobs, who gave a big Fuck You to his fans by choosing Miley Cyrus to lead his new campaign received a big Fuck You from his long-time photographer collaborator, who refused to work with Miley.] (DailyMail)


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