DAILY SHADE: fashion news roundup

Hype This!

No one’s better than a fashion industry professional in throwing mad shade. Today’s top stories:


Buscemi calls us out for not spending enough on sneakers. (Complex)

Hilary Clinton playfully calls herself out over not becoming a fashion icon. (GIRL CAN STILL GET IT.) (NyMag)

Kate Moss doesn’t need to call out anyone with her effortless cool and breadth of fashion insider supporters. (Nowness)

Artist Peddy Mergui calls out the arbitrary hype surrounding luxury brand packaging and image. (designboom)

Julien d’ys, aka runway hair stylist to Comme des Garcons, calls out conventional hair (Dazed)

MIT researchers predicts how popular your uploaded photos will be. Time to rebrand your internet persona. (MIT)

Get your GW Bush the Artist bootleg merchandise here (Animal)

Target joins Vogue in saying that Terry Richardson isn’t cool anymore. FINALLY. Seriously, how insular is the fashion industry that it took this long?! Now can people PLEASE stop defending him? Sure, there was one fake tweet, but a lifetime of real sexual harassment. (Buzzfeed)


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