Hype This!

No one’s better than a fashion industry professional in throwing mad shade. Today’s top stories:


Instagram user FakeWatchBusta exposes who among the rich and famous are actually wearing fake watches (Vice)

Skateboarding brand Supreme’s creative director says, “Fashion is a sad and a disaster”. Hey, remember when this “anti-establishment” brand tried to sue some Etsy housewife for “using its logo”? Also, remember when Supreme originally stole its logo from artist Barbara Kruger, who then called the whole lawsuit situation “a clusterfuck of totally uncool losers”? I do, and I think Supreme should. (Interview here) (Real story about Supreme here)

Speaking of lawsuits, don’t get on the wrong side of Louis Vuitton. The company is suing a former executive for passing on secrets to Coach. Maybe Coach will be cooler now. (Complex)

Another lawsuit, this one concerning shareholding at Nylon Magazine (PageSix)

Mannequins continue to propagate a non-feminist body image. Most recently, La Perla (NyMag). Throwback news item: remember Venezuelan mannequins with breast augmentation? (NYTimes)

Last but not least, luxury brands show their “love” for the average consumer by raising prices (CNBC)


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