DAILY SHADE: FASHION NEWS ROUNDUP – defining cool/uncool, new things in tech, and using gandhi

Hype This!

Shade continues to be dished left and right in the fashion world. (Image via CreativeCommons)


CBS confirms that Urban Outfitters remains uncool. (CBS)

Levis tries to promote dirty jeans as cool, fast fashion as uncool. (Although denim retailers will tell you that you’re not actually supposed to wash your jeans.) (CBS)

There are a whole bunch of new apps giving you the Tinder power over fashion – swipe right, swipe left, accept, reject fashion on your terms. (TechCrunch)

And Uniqlo in Japan has an app to allow you to customize your own clothes. (Mashable)

Ralph Lauren joins the millions of artists, students, civilians, etc to appropriate The Beatles Abbey Road cover for a fashion campaign. (WWD)

Altuzarra joins the dozens of fashion designers to collaborate with Target. (FashionGoneRogue)

A new fashion mag uses images of Mahatma Gandhi to discuss “pacifist protest-chic”. Maybe if the magazine really wanted to be political and topical in their next issue, they should use images of Narendra Modi to promote “martial law chic”. (Hyperallergic)


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