DAILY SHADE – fashion news roundup – lawsuits, getting paid, dishing hate

Hype This!

Get fashion, throw shade, then throw mo shade then… Fashion stories you may have missed this week:


The Sun (and then Telegraph) reports what celebrities make to sit front row at a fashion show. And we here at Hyperficial would do it for free. (Telegraph)

Rachel Roy continues to figuratively bare her claws against Jones Apparel Group as her lawsuit progresses. (Fashionista)

Taylor Swift is being sued by an apparel company for trademark infringment. Will she write a song about it? (E!)

Instagram takes Grace Coddington off of their figurative guest list for posting a “nude” drawing. (DailyMail)

Everyone hates the Free People dancer ad. (HuffPo)

“Rap T-Shirts for White People.” (Huh.)

An artist gives classic art masterpieces the Fashion Ad Photoshop treatment. (Complex)

NYTimes covers “Bushwick Street Style”. Bushwick street style is now officially not cool anymore. (NYTimes)

Remember when Christian Louboutin said Barbie has cankles? Anyway, here’s a new interview he did. (Designboom)

Pepsi does fashion now. (FastCompany)


Not fashion related, but: Fox affronts us all with this ridiculous and embarrassing reality dating show “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry'” (NYTimes)


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