Best Google Map Street Style Blogs

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Presenting: “The Best Google Map Street Style”

To make a point, artists do a “google street style” piece. I see their art, and I wish to curate it. These are the best ironic statements on fashion and technology in this modern world you should be following before you present your art project at Parsons.

Fiona Apple Duncan in her Editorial for Hot and Cool (Spring 2013)

Best Google Map Street Style

Photographs of “Street Style” from Hot & Cool Issue No. 5


This Tumblr blog simply called: Google Maps Street Style

Best Google Map Street Style

See her very giggly interview here


The Dash Collective

Judging by the posting date, may have been the first to see the potential of Google maps street view:

Best Google Map Street Style

DashCollective – Steet Style

Now that I’ve made a listicle of this trend, click-bait articles in Lucky Magazine or HuffPo can’t be far behind.

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